There is no urgency at all to updating to WordPress 5.5.  The main purpose of this WP release is the continuing effort on their part to upgrade the Gutenberg visual editor, and to monetize the other owned WordPress properties such as WooCommerce.  Despite any WP propaganda you may read this is the fundamental purpose of most recent releases.  Our customer base does not use Gutenberg so the primary focus of the WP update impacts you not at all. 

However, this WordPress update contains a very significant change in jquery, moving from jquery.migrate (2015) to the recent release jQuery3.5.  These are not the same jquery libraries.  It is odd as WordPress does not talk about this at all in its release post and unless developers closely followed the dev cycle many missed this as well.  But its impact is extremely far reaching as most themes and plugins with advanced functionality use jquery to drive many primary functions.  Your menus, tabs, accordions, hover, animations as well as Rev Slider, Ess Grid, and all Elementor plugins rely on jquery as a driver.

So it is very important that you do not update your website until you have confirmed that all your important plugins are WP 5.5 compatible.  Failure to confirm compatibility prior to updating may result in a loss of some display properties or functionality of yours site.  Many older javascipts used in plugins are not compatible out-of-the-box with jQuery3.5 and so errors may result up to and including WSOD of a website depending on its plugins.

This same requirement has held up our WP Champion release.  Many of our customers have been using a nightly build of Champion 3.1 for as long as 2-3 months.  But from Aug 8 onwards several integrated plugins have been continuously updating (Rev Slider, Es Grid, Element Pack) and we had to wait until they fixed all their bugs prior to our finalizing our public release.  The benefit of this delay is that once again we are able to supply a clean release.

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Housekeeping.  This is probably welcome news for many of you as the focus is going to be on service and usability.  On tap are:

  • Setting up a Modern Functional Support Forum
  • A Ticket System for Bugs and Paid Support
  • Proper Licensing System
  • Improvements to the inline help in the theme body
  • Documentation with an emphasis on Video tutorials
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WP Champion Ver 2.9.1

introduced the Elementor Plugin plus 2 premium elementor addons for front end drag and drop visual editing.  We also moved loading of most (30) fontface fonts to the API (its another option in the Demo Content Import in the Advanced Settings Panel). There are many other feature tweaks such as more in-depth integration of Responsive Menu Pro, new favicon size options and new woo settings. A great deal of recoding was done under the hood. The theme is fully php 7.3 compatible, Woo 3.6+ and WP 5.2+ compatible.

Release Discussion Page
18 June 2019
12 January 2020
WP Champion Ver 2.9.2

contains Ver 6 of the Rev Slider. It also contains new navigation animations for sub menu items, other tweaks, and code prep for the move of the Advanced Menu Child into the theme core.  This release has a new Navigation Panel in the Champion menu as with so many navigation options we felt they deserved their own place in the panel group. There are some minor tweaks to the theme custom woo templates for Woo 3.7.  Other highlights are a new entirely reworked shortcode for Self Hosted Video.

Release Discussion Page
WP Champion Ver 3.0.0

takes all of the Advanced Menu Child functions & settings and bring them into the theme core as a new settings panel eliminating the need for this child theme.  For those of you who have not utilized the Advanced Menu Child it enabled a container at the top of the page which can contain another menu, woo items, widget areas and more.  Among the many other upgrades in this release we introduced 2 great new features: a google map shortcode that does not need an Google API key, and a world first: the ability to have a revolution slider as a background slider!  We also built mega menu function into our Responsive Menu plugin integration!

Release Discussion Page
31 March 2020
16 August 2020
WP Champion Ver 3.1.0

brings on board 3 new plugins for improving the editing in both elementor, and when mixing elementor and traditional shortcode content.  The other principal goals of this update are:

  • dealing with the major jquery change in the WordPress core
  • updating theme Woo templates and theme compatibility to Woo 4.3 & 4.4
  • Portfolio Tag ability
  • Several new shortcodes (Simple Video, Breadcrumbs)
  • new Animating Browser Tab Title function
  • over 100 other feature tweaks and bug fixes
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Following is a synopsis of each recent changelog.  Click on the button at the bottom of each log to visit the full changelog page which contains full detail and explanations.

Its always fun to visit our api for each changelog.  There you can view the list of New, Added and Deleted files.  And clicking on the Detail tab and then the “highlight” text will actually show you the old and new code in every altered file!. Thus you get a glimpse of the complexity (misery) of a developer(s)!  To our best knowledge we are the only premium theme development team that offers this level of detail into the changes in every theme build.

The WP Champion Professional Theme Version 3.1 Changelog

Our API Log of Theme File and Code Changes.

Version 3.1.0 – 16 Augst 2020

  • 3 New Plugins to enhance Elementor functions.
  • 5 Premium Plugins Updated to latest versions.
  • WordPress 5.5 compatibility.
  • Woocommerce tweaks and template updates.
  • Blog/Portfolio/Meta – New Tag function for Portfolios, new RSS functions for Blogging, Other tweaks.
  • Media: New shortcode for video platforms that only support iframe embed, Added support for playlists in youtube shortcode.
  • Header/Footer/Navigation: Speed of header/navigation display improved, new footer padding and margin control, other tweaks.
  • Breadcrumbs: New Breadcrumbs shortcode, other tweaks.
  • Retina:  More Retina control.
  • Other New Features:  Browser Tab Title animation function.
  • Tweaks & Bug Fixes

Full Version 3.1.0 Changelog with Discussion

The WP Champion Professional Theme Version 3.0 Changelog

Our API Log of Theme File and Code Changes.

Version 3.0.0 – 27 march 2020

  •  5 Premium Plugins Updated to latest versions
  • Navigation: New Top Menu Added.  This gives a 2nd menu option at the top of the header. Top Menu Child theme function now integrated into the theme core so that the child is no longer necessary.
  • Responsive Menu Plugin Improvements: more integration of the plugin into the theme with its own settings group in Navigation settings as well as individual webpage design options metabox.
  • Page Design Options & Theme Settings: a number of feature tweaks including enabling a Rev Slider as a background slider in a webpage, unique to our theme.
  • New Advanced Settings: Setting to turn off new Big Image Treshold function of wordpress, setting to turn off lazy load attribute which starting from wp 5.4 is added to images and iframes , and a GMap Api loading ON/OFF setting.
  • A lot of under the hood tweaks and feature updates for Blogs, the Sticky Header (scripts extensively rewritten to enable much faster header and sticky header display), the Sticky Footer (the hopping is gone permanently!).
  • Shortcodes & WidgetsNew Gmap Shortcode &  Widget to have a gmap in a Iframe without the Gmap Api key: a simple functional Gmap which does not require a Google Gmap Api Key or JS. Completely rewrote the Code/Precode Shortcode,  New settings in appropriate shortcodes for the new google UGC and Sponsored shortcode rel attributes. New Unordered List Shortcode.
  • Elementor:  New settings for elementor container to follow/break out of  theme padding settings plus some other elementor integration tweaking.
  • Structured Data: WP Champion has deep structured data integration and we did a variety of tweaking for structured data breadcrumbs, navigation, structured data in the Responsive Menu Pro mobile menus, Woo and more.
  • Breadcrumbs tweaking for Woo (you can replace the Woo default Breadcrumbs with the WPC breadcrumbs now, and for BBPress.
  • Woocommerce: a bunch of Woo template and action tweaks
  • php 7.4:  Fixed: Php 7.4 warnings for responsive menu pro plugin and fixed revslider php 7.4 warnings.
  • Several Wp 5.4 Compatibility & security tweaks
  • Fancybox: fix for firefox, new FittoView for portfolio shortcode, blog shortcode, masonry shortcode and blog list global settings and added  forceWHSet option for lightbox plus override in portfolio, blog, masonry and lightbox shortcodes. It forces the global width and height set for lightbox images to the lightbox popup instead of the image width and height and its aspect ratio.
  • BBPress:  Added: BBPress Theme Featured Header Title for user pages (profile, topics started, favorites, replies created, engagements, edit user & subscriptions). Fixed: BBPress Content before and Content after setting fields were not working. Other BBPress tweaks

Full Version 3.0 Changelog

We will add back the prior changelogs from 2.9.1 and 2.9.2 shortly.