You do not need to update to WP 5.4 urgently.  Our theme release is WP 5.4 compatible but many (most) plugins are not WP 5.4 compatible.  We normally recommend waiting a few days to update.  To give you a reference point, on the hundreds of websites we host using Champion we will be withholding on updating until the weekend of April 7-8.

For your information here are some salient points about each update in the path to Ver 3.0:

  • WPC Ver 2.9.1 introduced the Elementor Plugin plus 2 premium elementor addons for front end drag and drop visual editing.  We also moved loading of most fontface fonts to the API (its another option in the Demo Content Import in the Advanced Settings Panel).  There are many other feature tweaks such as more in-depth integration of Responsive Menu Pro, new favicon size options and new woo settings.  A great deal of recoding was done under the hood.  The theme is fully php 7.3 compatible, Woo 3.6+ and WP 5.2+ compatible.  This build has an internal date of June 18 in the style.css file within the build: we spent from then to now testing it on live sites.
  • WPC Ver 2.9.2 contains Ver 6 of the Rev Slider.  It also contains new navigation animations for sub menu items, other tweaks, and code prep for the move of the Advanced Menu Child into the theme core.  You will notice with this build that we have a new Navigation Panel as we have so many navigation options we felt they deserved their own place in the panel group. There are some minor tweaks to our theme woo templates for Woo 3.7. And one new entirely reworked shortcode for Self Hosted Video.
  • WPC Ver 3.0 takes all of the Advanced Menu Child functions & settings and bring them into the theme core as a new settings panel.  For those of you who have not utilized the Advanced Menu Child it allows for bar to appear at the top of the page which can contain another menu, woo items, widget areas and more.  It will actually be possible to have 3 separate menus in the header of a website (and even more although it gets complicated….).  Among the massive upgrades in Versioni 3.0 we introduces 2 great new features: a new google map shortcode that does not need an Google API key, and a world first: the ability to have a revolution slider as a background slider!  We also have built in mega menu ability into our Responsive Menu plugin integration!


The WP Champion Professional Theme Version 3.0 Changelog

As always our API allows you to go view the list of changed files, and the actual code changed in each theme file so that if you have hard coded a theme file you can check it against this list: Log of Theme File and Code Changes.  We have grouped the changelog below by main feature set for ease of understanding. Where appropriate we have images and discussion:


Version 3.0.0 – 27 march 2020
Plugins updated
01) Updated: Slider Revolution to version 6.2.2
02) Updated: responsive Menu pro plugin to version 3.1.27
03) Updated: Mobile detect to version 2.8.34
04) Updated: Essential Grid plugin to verion 2.3.6
05) Updated: WordPress Importer plugin v 0.70
06) updated: Elementor Elements pack to version 4.6.1

Language files
01) Updated: Theme Admin Language File.
02) Updated: Theme Frontend Language file.

Top Menu
01) Moved: Top Menu Child into the main theme core.
02) Moved: Various Top menu settings into the various theme settings: General, Navigation, Woocommerce & Advanced settings.
03) Added Sticky header Breakpoint for top menu in Advanced settings.
04) Added Sticky header top menu on off override in page general options.
05) Fixed: Logo Top Menu Adjusting to bar height when logo has a height less then the height set for the menu bar.
06) Added: Top level Navigation padding settings for the Top navigation menu items padding.
07) Added: Override Navigation Padding Settings for Main Navigation & Top Navigation in the Theme Page Options.
08) Fixed: Error message on top nav when no logo was set.
09) Added: Make Top MenuBar fit to Box Layout container width.
10) Changed: Navigation and Top Menu ordering of settings.

Main menu & Footer Menu
01) Added: Main Menu Template. A template without the top menu has been added to the page templates selector.
02) Added: CSS fix for Footer Menu.
03) Added: Top level Navigation padding settings for the Main navigation menu items padding & override in page options.
04) Added: Top Level Menu item font settings per breakpoint above 980, 1200 and 1400 px for menu title and sub title with override in champion page options.
05) Added: Sub Menu offset setting. Move the sub menu down in pixels.
06) Fixed: Navigation Button Style. Now calculating with correct padding when top level subtitles are enabled.
07) Added: Menu height setting for Top Level Menu Items in Theme Main navigation.
08) Added: Menu Title Offset for Theme Main navigation Top Level Menu items.
09) Added: Menu animation sub menu hover color for padding. & ON/OFF Setting Not supported on IE !
10) Added: Timing settings for opening sub menu navigation animation speed.
11) Added: Bold setting for top level menu items.
12) Added: filters for menu_to_use for each menu (Top, Main, Footer and Responsive menu (pro))

01) Added: Top menu Color override settings in Palettes.
02) Added: Palette setting for Top Menu in Page design options.
03) Added: Color palette settings for sub navigation for top and main menu. Now you can set different sub menu colors for each menu by palette sellection in the page design options.
04) Changed: Pallets color settings tabs. Moved settings into their logical locations.
05) Added: Ability to select a palette for the sub menu for top menu and main menu in theme main settings.

Responsive Menu Plugin
01) Moved: Various Responsive Menu settings into its own Tab in the Navigation Settings and Page Design options.
02) Removed: offset setting for responsive menu button. We are now adapting the top settings from the plugin itself.
03) Fixed: Font size setting not working for Responsive Menu.
04) Added: Enhanced description support setting for the responsive menu pro plugin.
05) Fixed: Various CSS issues regarding the Arrow positioning, Arrow border settings & A-tag content width, text aligment sub menu’s in the responsive menu plugin.
06) Added: Theme Logo Settings and Logo Text with various settings for the Responsive Menu Plugin. Also added logo to the ordering of elements for the Mobile Menu. The new settings can be found in the theme navigation Responsive Menu Options.
07) Added: color settings including hover state settings for the responsive menu Logo setting.
08) Fixed: Php 7.4 warnings for responsive menu pro plugin.

Page Design options & Theme Settings
01) Moved: various Top menu Settings into their own tab in the Page design options.
02) Changed: Color settings tabs. Moved settings into their logical locations.
03) Added: override BG image top menu by colors in page options.
04) Added: New setting to have the slider revolution as a background slider in pages. Option can be found in the Page Options Featured Header Slider Settings
05) Added: New setting header overlap. To have the featured header below the menu. This can be usefull if the featured header has a background image which one want to show also in the header. Not header background-color needs to be set to a transparent color in this case.
06) Added: Override settings for Header Top Area in the Champion pages Options. Also added the ability to select a different widget container when header Top Area has been set to widget Area.

Advanced Settings
01) Changed: License Key Field.
02) Changed: Upgrade url in admin backend upgrade dialog.
03) Added: Setting to turn off new Big Image Treshold function of wordpress. Default we are ignoring the new ability to avoid resizing conflicts with users that are already using images that are bigger then 2560px.
04) Added: Setting to turn off lazy load attribute which starting from wp 5.4 is added to images and iframes. Turn off only in case issues arise with our image resizing script.
05) Added: GMap Api loading ON/OFF setting. Global and Override in Page Options.

Blog Settings
01) Added: Filter For single blog post title in content.
02) Added: Adaptive Height Setting Override in blog shortcode.
03) Changed: loop.php now checking if meta_items are empty. If so no meta info is added.
04) Added: Classname to blog featured image img wrapper.
05) Added: Lightbox grouping for Blog list and masonry and Blog shortcode.

Sticky Footer / Header
01) Improved: Adminbar JS for responsive menu pro following adminbar height and css.
02) Improved: Stickyheader JS following adminbar height and css.
03) Improved: StickyTopMenu JS following adminbar height and css.
04) Adjusted: Sticky header css when fancybox popup is open and adminbar is present.
05) Fixed: Sticky Footer Hopping on Scroll, Sticky Footer adjust for presence of admin bar.
06) Added: Sticky Header height following growing of shrinking content in the header.
07) Fixed: Hopping of sticky footer in Box layout.
08) Added: sticky footer and sticky header follow top margin and border on scroll.

01) Improved: Forcefullwidth JS. Added support for bug in firefox. Forcefull will now take place on scroll until FF fixes the bug. Bug has been reported 9 months ago by us to the FF team.
02) Added: Check if author nickname exists in introduce.php to suppress warning messages in error log. Although its not possible that the nickname does not exists in rare occassions in some wp installs it happened.
03) Added: If header visibility for a header element is turned off for desktop and mobile no html code for that item is added into the header.

Shortcodes & Widgets
01) Added: New shortcode and Widget to have a gmap in a Iframe without the Gmap Api key. It is a simple functional Gmap. No more Google Gmap Api Key or JS is required.
02) Added: Empty shortcodes for the nested shortcodes to avoid adding special characters by wordpress.
03) Added: Code and Pre shortcodes support for elementor, header text panel, featured header text panel and introduction panels.
04) Changed/Fixed: Pre Code default css.
05) Added: padding, margin, color settings and animation and class and visibility for pre code shortcode. Made working the ones that were not working.
06) Changed: Pre Code content filters to follow new pre code shortcode dialog settings.
07) Added: padding settings to Toggle shortcode.
08) Added: UGC and Sponsored to the button shortcode rel attribute.
09) Added: nofollow UGC and Sponsored to the icon font and icon link shortcode rel attribute.
10) Fixed: Icon font shortcode animation when icon spin was enabled.
11) Added: Animation, Class & Visibility to Icon link Shortcode.
12) Fixed: https issue on flicker widget & flickr widget shortcode and chart shortcode.
13) Fixed: Meta Items showing only lines and no meta data when meta fields are set in the shortcode to some bogus meta field text en thus returning empty meta data.
14) Fixed: Added missing default=>” field in tabs.php and accordion.php shortcode generator files.
15) Fixed: Toggle Text Line-Height on wrap of title, Toggle Align Icon Left / Right.
16) Added: Toggle Shortcode Line-Height Setting and Title Indent Setting.
17) Added: Unordered List Shortcode. NEW !
18) Changed: button shortcode code to avoid issues with users using custom css for button border!
19) Added: margin left / right, custom icon, icon color & icon size for Icon text, Icon Link & Styled List Shortcodes.
20) Updated: Calendar widget to be html 5.1 compliant following WP.5.4 Calendar widget changes.
21) Changed: do_shortcode into apply_shortcodes for being wp 5.4 compatible.

01) Fixed: Read More ON/OFF for portfolio category. Set to OFF was not working.
02) Added: New Settings for Read More ON/OFF, Read More Text, Read More as button for portfolio category override in Preset Portfolio Category Page settings.
03) Added: Classname to portfolio featured image img wrapper.

Edit link in page
01) Adjusted: Templates calling the edit link button.
02) Added: Override edit link button in page options.
03) Adjusted: minor css changes for edit link button and #page element (box-sizing).

01) Added: Settings for elementor container to follow our default padding settings for desktop, and mobile fluid width and content width (boxed-mode).
02) Added: Elementor Pro Template Support and settings for Header ? Footer / Single / Archive Locations.

Structured Data
01) Fixed: Structured data breadcrumbs url error: itemprop=”url” needed to itemprop=”item”.
02) Added: seperate setting for turning ON/OFF strcutured data for the theme breadcrumbs & navigation.
03) Added: responsive menu pro following structured data for menus & breadcrumbs ON/OFF setting in the theme advanced settings.
04) Added: Structured data text wrapper for a tag menu text to get better search console results. More to follow when more correct implementing data becomes available by google.
05) Added: Turn ON OFF woo structured json data for woocommerce pages and send emails.
06) Added: Setting to turn on theme structured data schema for woocommerce breadcrumbs.
07) Added: stripping of html tags in menu title when schema structured data is enabled.

01) Added: Setting to replace Woocommerce Breadcrumbs with Theme Breadcrumbs.
02) Fixed: BBPress breadcrumbs missing [‘last’] index field.
03) Added: BBPress Theme breadcrumbs support for user pages (profile, topics started, favorites, replies created, engagements, edit user & subscriptions). Breadcrumb path was missing

CSS Issues
01) Added: UL List style types to the default css.
02) Changed: class name body-warp into body-wrapper. If using custom css for that classname will have to adjust their custom css after this update. If using a customized header.php or header-landing.php they will have to be adjusted for the body-warp div as it is now called body-wrapper.
03) Changed: Default css for Box layout Width When sticky Header is turned on. Set to same width as without Sticky Header turned on.

01) Added: WPML string translation fields for default responsive logo settings & top menu logo image setting.
02) Added: WPML support to responsive menu pro for various settings so that it can work with a multilanguage rtl /ltr website and the menu can position differently by settings.

Demo Content
03) Fixed: Demo content import issues on large demo content.

JS errors
01) changed: jquery document loading to on(“load”… for jquery 3.0
02) Changed gmap inline js shortcode and widget. Removed document ready wrapper as it was not needed.

admin css, admin text & js issues
01) Updated: Admin css updated for wp 5.3
02) Updated: Admin js color picker rtl.
03) Fixed: Admin CSS RTL issue search icon on select 2 search input field.
04) Added: RTL class to shortcode dialog popup window.
05) Fixed: Check for isRtl variable exists to avoid js error when plugins do not follow the wp coding conventions.
06) Fixed: frozen range-slider in page options when field value was empty and not zero.
07) Added: Admin CSS min-height for theme page options to avoid overlap of other admin panels into the theme page options when a tab has less options then the total size of available tabs in height.
08) Changed: Design+ text in to Champion in theme general settings.

01) Updated: Woocommerce Tabs.php for woocommerce 3.8.0
02) Added: Global Icon setting for the individual woocommerce product tabs and override in the Theme Page Options.
03) Added: Support for woocommerce 3.9.0 template overrides (related.php).
04) Changed: Woocommerce archive.php & single-product.php. Theme html is moved into woocommerce before and after content actions.

php 7.4
01) Fixed: Php 7.4 warnings for responsive menu pro plugin.
02) Fixed: SlideshowOptions php 7.4 warning on implode. Reverse order $glue and $array was causing it.
03) Fixed: revslider php 7.4 warnings.

sections folder
01) Moved: (top)menu html into the corresponding section files to avoid maintenance and updating of same code.
02) Cleaning: Moved similar coding in footer and header into sections folder to avoid maintenance and updating of same code.

Wp 5.4 Compatibility & security
01) Fixed: add_menu/add_node deprecated warning in wp 5.4
02) Added: Check to block direct calling of update.php & upgrade.php from outside wordpress system.
03) Fixed: WordPress 5.4 duplication of custom menu fields due to code changes in wordpress.

Fancybox Issues
01) Fixed: missing 1px border in fancybox popup in firefox.
02) Added: FittoView for portfolio shortcode, blog shortcode, masonry shortcode and blog list global settings. For portfolio it overrides the fittoview of each portfolio item (only for lightbox images !).
03) Added: forceWHSet option for lightbox plus override in portfolio, blog, masonry and lightbox shortcodes. It forces the global width and height set for lightbox images to the lightbox popup instead of the image width and height and its aspect ratio.

01) Added: BBPress Theme Featured Header Title for user pages (profile, topics started, favorites, replies created, engagements, edit user & subscriptions). Title was missing.
02) Fixed: BBPress Content before and Content after setting fields were not working. Wrong variable name was called from database.
03) Added: Frontend language pot file with bbpress user pages title text.
04) Added: bbpress body intro fields into the wpml translation tables.
05) Changed: Issues with BBPress default theme css.

Version 2.9.2 and Prior Releases