Download the Advanced Top Bar/Menu Child Theme

This child theme was initially created to allow for a top bar which could contain woo store links.  When active it adds another settings panel to the WP Champion Options menu (see Image # below).  Over time its code has evolved allowing for much more functionality and now it allows for a complete 2nd menu, text, logo, widgets and more.  So in forthcoming Ver 3.0 of WP Champion (Sept 2019) we are going to integrate the child code into the theme core.  As we store all its options in the db at that time existing users will just deactivate the child, install the new build and everything will appear as it did before the update.

Of course when we release WPC version 3.0 in September we will provide more detailed instructions on this matter.

Advanced Top Bar/Menu Child Changelog in Ver 2.9.1 of WPC

  • Improved: Responsive Menu Pro support for Advanced menu child.
  • Added: Top Menu settings in Page general settings when Top Menu child is active.
  • Rewrote: Most of the Top Menu child fixed and dynamic css.
  • Added: Logo image support for Top Menu Child.
  • Added: Sub Navigation titles for Top menu child.
  • Changed: Menu handler. Added Nav sub titles option to the arguments in order to get subtitles in Top Menu child working.
  • Added: Woo Cart Ordering & Visibility, Menu Elements Ordering, Search ON/OFF override for Top Menu & Main Menu when using Champion Advanced Menu Child.
  • Added: Woo Cart Ordering & Visibility, Menu Elements Ordering for Mobile Responsive Menu Pro Plugin when using Champion Advanced Menu Child.
  • Moved: Reset TopMenu option in global advanced options. Only visible when advanced menu child is used.
  • Modified: Trigger resize on menu item hover to trigger resizing of content that has been added as a shortcode into a menu item description.
  • Modified: jqueryslidemenu css for ul elements to not create conflicts with other ul items within a menu item description.

Users of the Advanced Menu Child may be the most impacted by changes.  The top bar now supports drag and drop of the order of elements (navigation, search, woo cart/login menu items and logo) and a sticky mobile header. If you lose a background color or notice something else awry after updating check your settings.  Contact support on skype or by email if you need assistance.