Our apologies for the delay in this release.  James from our team who undertakes most of the writing work related to releases suffered injury (accident) in late Sept – the same weekend he was actually working on pushing this release. Subsequently in mid October/November while James was healing up it was decided to move the API site which serves the updates to a new server in our hosting platform, resulting in a further release pushback.

However, we are finally in a position to release this update.  And it should be within a week to 10 days that we follow with the latest build of Version 3.0 which will bring new abilities, faster code and updates of every component to their latest version.

Thank you for your patience in this matter.

This is the 2nd of a group of 3 theme updates and is the build which sets the final stages in respect of the code base for integrating our Top Bar/Menu Child into the theme core.  IN Version 3.0 the Top Menu Child is eliminated and its functions (and much more!) form part of the base theme build.

Make a backup prior to updating! Although the changes in this build should not impact most websites prior to installing this update we strongly encourage you to make a full backup.
If in doubt or you have any questions contact us first! Most users should not experience any issues other then the following situations:

  • This build contains Ver 6 of the Revolution Slider.  We strongly suggest exporting your rev slidershows prior to updating as the new 6 series of the Rev Slider is a massive rewrite of the plugin and some styling is not carrying over successfully.  We have included version 6.0.9 in the theme release by which build many of their bugs are squashed but you may still encounter some styling issues on individual slides.  Once you install Ver 6 it performs a change to the Rev Slider tables in the database which is permanent thus you cannot roll back the plugin unless you restore the entire website from a backup.

For your information here are some salient points about each update in the path to Ver 3.0:

  • WPC Ver 2.9.1 introduced the Elementor Plugin plus 2 premium elementor addons for front end drag and drop visual editing.  We also moved loading of most fontface fonts to the API (its another option in the Demo Content Import in the Advanced Settings Panel).  There are many other feature tweaks such as more in-depth integration of Responsive Menu Pro, new favicon size options and new woo settings.  A great deal of recoding was done under the hood.  The theme is fully php 7.3 compatible, Woo 3.6+ and WP 5.2+ compatible.  This build has an internal date of June 18 in the style.css file within the build: we spent from then to now testing it on live sites.
  • WPC Ver 2.9.2 contains Ver 6 of the Rev Slider.  It also contains new navigation animations for sub menu items, other tweaks, and code prep for the move of the Advanced Menu Child into the theme core.  You will notice with this build that we have a new Navigation Panel as we have so many navigation options we felt they deserved their own place in the panel group. There are some minor tweaks to our theme woo templates for Woo 3.7. And one new entirely reworked shortcode for Self Hosted Video.
  • WPC Ver 3.0 will formally take all of the Advanced Menu Child functions & settings and bring them into the theme core as a new settings panel.  For those of you who have not utilized the Advanced Menu Child it allows for bar to appear at the top of the page which can contain another menu, woo items, widget areas and more.  It will actually be possible to have 3 separate menus in the header of a website (and even more although it gets complicated….).  Among the massive upgrades in Versioni 3.0 we introduces 2 great new features: a new google map shortcode that does not need an Google API key, and a world first: the ability to have a revolution slider as a background slider!  We also have built in mega menu ability into our Responsive Menu plugin integration!

The WP Champion Professional Theme Version 2.9.2 Changelog

As always our API allows you to go view the list of changed files, and the actual code changed in each theme file so that if you have hard coded a theme file you can check it against this list: Log of Theme File and Code Changes.  We have grouped the changelog below by main feature set for ease of understanding. Where appropriate we have images and discussion:

1) New: Added WP Self Hosted Video Shortcode.
2) New: Added Global Meta-Items setting for masonry shortcode.
3) New: Added Filter to Meta-Data Date so users can adjust/change the date element in the meta items.
4) New: Added Filter on menu a-tag class name. The menu a-tag now has a global class name for targeting by css.
5) New: Added Menu item title font bold setting.
6) New: Added Sub level menu border on hover including settings for width, padding and color.
7) New: Added Color settings Advanced Menu Child into Theme Color Settings.
8) New: Added Color settings for Woo Cart items Animation.
9) New: Added In menu Items Multi column settings added a new field for setting the number of columns for mobile devices (below 980px).
10) New: Added Setting for keeping hover state of menu item title active when hovering the menu item content added in the description field.
11) New: Moved: Navigation settings from general settings into its own settings panel.

12) Updated: Elementor Elements pack to version 3.2.4
13) Updated: Admin language file.
14) Updated: all Child Themes because of moving of the navigation settings.
15) Updated RTL CSS.
16) Updated: Slider Revolution 6.0.9
17) Updated: Responsive Menu pro plugin to verion 3.1.23
18) Updated: Essential Grid plugin to verion 2.3.3
19) Updated: Added more icons into the Default Theme icon font file. Preventing meta icons not to show in bloglist or blogpost when fontawesome was turned off.
20) Updated: Theme Woocommerce template overrides to meet woocommerce version 3.70 template adjustments.

TWEAKED (aka “Improved!”):
21) Tweaked: Common.php, filter.php,skin.php, header.php,404.php, menu.php to call get_theme_option(‘navigation’,… instead of get_theme_option(‘general’
22) Tweaked: blog_meta_php to call default theme icons instead of fontawesome icons as the latter can be switched off from loading in the theme font settings.
23) Tweaked: screen.css & screen_complex.css. New theme icons css has been added.
24) Tweaked: Menu description code and css. Classes have been changed, removed. Css for existing classes changed. This can affect current installs coming from 2.9.1 or before. Custom Css needs to be rewritten.
25) Tweaked: height for reponsive header height settings to min-height.
26) Tweaked: Importing for revslider using old (before version 6) and new version 6 function to prevent hanging on spinning icon on importing demo content.

27) Fixed: Empty meta-items in blog general settings due to wrong conversion/update coding.
28) Fixed: Resizing of multi column full width menu when turning a tablet and menu was already toggled open.
29) Fixed: Added z-index value for wpml flags. They where sitting behind the logo.

30) Removed: Duplicate ID from background settings pattern field.
31) Removed: Caption field from easy image shortcode. It had no function in that shortcode.

Revolution Slider

  • Updated: Revslider to 6.0.9

This theme build contains Ver 6 series of the Revolution Slider.  Be advised in version 6 the slider management interface is entirely different.  We will be interested to see user feedback.  We have a number of theme owners who have their own Rev Slider license and generally they are advising they find the new dark color user interface very challenging.  All the settings have been moved around and really almost everything is completely different in the new user interface.  We think it is a steep learning curve for most website owners.


Version 2.9.1 and Prior Releases