The “JumpStart”   Website Speed Optimization Packages


Introduction - Why (Us!)

Why is there such a focus on website speed? While always a background discussion item for web design, commencing in 2014 website speed took on a new focus when Google announced that website speed was now a formal part of its ranking algorithm, and Yahoo updated their Yslow analysis script. Although speed is just one item of the ranking algorithm, effectively a slow site is punished and moved down the ranking algorithm, something no business site desires.

As a result the web is seeing a proliferation of optimization services, and most often the party at the other end knows not much more about optimazation then you, but they went out, found some plugins, read a blog or two, and whammy, instant expert!

That is a trap you do not want to fall into it. We own our own hosting service, we build web frameworks, we build themes, plugins and more. When it comes to the qualifications to understand the heart of code and how it all interweaves, we stand at the forefront. We are your best resource for taking that knowledge and applying it to optimization (and security). We are a known quantity, having been actively building and supporting some of the best rated wordpress themes worldwide for approaching 5 years, literally an eternity where the web is concerned, and a track record of excellence few can match.

We put that expertise to work by our Jumpstart package, which works on the basis of code applied expertly in your hosting framework.


Theme Factors in Page Speed
First, the best news: if you are a user of one of our themes we have designed or support, then you already have a speed advantage over any other theme in the wordpress world:

MultiFlex PageSpeed Scores

Graph of MultiFlex Theme PageSpeed Scores
PageSpeed Scores - MultiFlex Theme Contributing Components

MultiFlex Yslow Scores

Yslow Scores - MultiFlex Theme Contributing Components
Yslow Scores - MultiFlex Theme Contributing Components

As the images indicated, our themes score perfect on theme components measured by the 2 industry standard website anaylysis tools (Google PageSpeed and Yahoo YSlow) that we as themebuilders can control in our source code. If not using our themes, then you are using a more poorly coded wordpress theme purchased at Themeforest (coding range overall is average), Template Monster (usually very poorly coded), (same as TM) or another theme marketplace (poor to avg generally). All such themes need adjustment in order to maximize website speed.


JumpStart Website Speed Optimization Package

Even when all the theme components are aligned perfectly, a website still will typically be recording scores in the C to E range! Why? The serving of a webpage depends on many other factors besides quality theme code and structure. Of particular importance is custom scripts that maximize server abilities, and modify wordpress core “bad habits”.  We have 2 optimization packages:

JumpStart Standard Optimization Package - $229

Using our expert knowledge, the “Jumpstart” Standard Optimization Package employs several major code tweaks to your wordpress installation, which should normally result in a website jumping from a C/D level to a mid to high B:

  • Code Tweaks to the .htaccess file
  • Code Tweaks to theme function files
  • Code Tweaks to the wp-config file
  • Optimization of certain WordPress Core files

The above resolves every major host and WordPress speed related matter.

JumpStart Plus Optimization Package - $299

In additions to the standard package options, in the Plus package we also configure a caching plugin to further enhance the speed and optimization of your website. Generally this should move a site into the high B to A score range.

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NOTE: The outcome for every site, and in fact every page in a website will be slightly different (because the content varies) but the overall average for the website will be consistent in the revised level.  The packages do not include our optimizing your images as that process can take hours of editing.  Also be aware that outside scripts, such as your use of google fonts, and the external scripts that social media sites such as facebook, twitter and even some plugins deliver into your site from their external api’s cannot normally be optimized to any significant degree.