The Striking Multiflex WooCart Child-Theme

Add cart ability to you Striking Multiflex Theme
The Striking Multiflex WooCart Child-Theme
Always wanted to have the cart contents/basket/checkout and login/register/logout ability directly in the header of your theme? Then this is your perfect addon to Striking Multiflex.

This child-theme enables that ability and can be installed as a addon besides your striking theme. The WooCart menubar comes with language files which can be translated into any language using poedit. The color layout of the menu can be controlled by simple css as also its location.


  • Cart Auto Calculates Totals
  • Login / Register when not logged in. Note: register will only show if enabled in the woo settings.
  • Logout when logged in
  • Full WPML Compatible. Note: Woocommerce requires 5 plugins in order to function correctly with wpml.
  • RTL Compatible. The menu will go to the right in rtl orientated websites and the icons will mirror horizontally.

Woo Cart Child Theme Advantages

Why you should buy the Woocart ChildTheme
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This is how it looks like

This is how it looks in a woocommerce website
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License agreement :

The license is supplied per single domain. In case it is used on another domain then the one bought for one has to rebuy a new child theme license.

One can use the child-theme as many times in a wordpress multisite based on a path domain (http:://

But for :
1) a new wordpress install in subfolder within a current domain ( or
2) a subdomain install ( wpms or not or
3) for any mapped domain within a wordpress multisite or
4) any new single domain install.
one needs to buy a new license for using this child-theme.

By buying the child-theme you automatically agree to above license terms on time of purchase.

Adjustable by custom CSS

The WooCart menu bar can be controlled by custom css. This css can be added to the striking multiflex custom css box in the theme general settings.

Available Custom CSS

/* menucart css adjustments */

#woobar-menu a:hover i.woomenu.icon { color:#505050; } #woobar-menu a:hover { color:#505050; } #woobar-menu [class^="icon-"], #woobar-menu [class*=" icon-"] { color: #fff; } #woobar-menu a { color:#fff; } #woobar-menu { background-color:rgba(224,64,40,0.8); } /* until here menu cart css adjustments */ /* positioning menu cart on the right*/ #woo-cart-menu-inner { right: 0; } /* or bring the top area down */ #top_area { top: 50px; } /* or bring the top area to the left */ #top_area { right: inherit; left:10px }

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