WordPress Website Malware Removal

Hacking is a constant issue on the web now, and perhaps your site has been hacked due to a js injection, a plugin vulnerability, another host vulnerability (old php versions are a common cause), or by an old fashioned attack on the site admins (sometimes known as a “brute force attack” but depending on how you set up perhaps not much brute force was needed! 🙂 ).

We have particular expertise in restoring and making whole wordpress sites (as we are also web hosts ourselves), and can usually clean up your site, host and database 100% so that your site is clean, and little or no content or site design is lost.

The charge below is for cleaning one site in a host.  If you are running a host with several domains, then each site incurs a separate charge.

Full Scope of Work:

  • Full Backup before commencing
  • Scrub and update WordPress to latest version
  • Scrub and update theme to latest version
  • Scour plugins, update, and remove potentially infected plugins
  • Scour and clean host root
  • Scour database seeking maliscious links and base 64 code
  • Test Results
  • Make Clean Backup after completion of work

Please note that sometimes content can be lost! Once we have been engaged and received your logins we will make an initial assessment, and attempt to approximate the chance of 100% restoration.  We always back up before commencing the work just in case.  While we have yet to encounter a situation where a website was a total writeoff or we have lost a website when attempting to cure it of infection, when dealing with malware, this risk always exists.  The hackers know where they have hidden their code, and what it does, whereas we know neither when commencing the work.  So we highlight here that there is always risk of loss, and it cannot be underestimated.

Also please be advised that if you are making a theme transition (ex. – Striking Original to Striking MultiFlex) and plugins are updated or have to be removed, or some content is lost in the malware/infection cleansing, this may affect the design and appearence of some or all webpages.  The malware removal service does not include any aspects of design/re-design.  Upon completion of our work, you may have design considerations that you have to task.  These are not our responsibility or within the scope of work of the Malware Removal Package.

Malware Removal Package:  $299 (USD)

Work is usually commenced within 24 hours of payment.  Special arrangements can be made for a quicker tasking, although an additional charge may be levied in such circumstances.